Russian attack on the world: the kremlin launched a large-scale information operation

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The information war between russia and Ukraine has assumed global proportions. Unfortunately, Ukraine does not have the advantage in terms of resources. Even though the kremlin's propaganda resources, such as Russia Today, have been blocked worldwide. Ukraine's only advantage is the Truth, which is spread on social networks by people free of russian zombification and professional global media.

However, russia has no plans to give up and appears to have embarked on a massive campaign to launder its bloody policies, whitewash the image of russians blackened by the deaths, and justify its crimes against humanity. In addition to resources, the kremlin propaganda possesses almost all methods of informational influence. And, worst of all, it has begun to use them in countries friendly to Ukraine.


On Monday, April 11, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba responded with the following message: "russia knows that arms supplies are important for Ukraine. Therefore, it is mobilizing all efforts to blow them up. Moscow has prepared a large-scale information campaign aimed at foreign media and politicians. Their troll factory can spam emails and flood comments with disinformation about Ukraine. Do not succumb to this.

Journalist Mustafa Nayem explained the words of the Ukrainian diplomat a little more broadly in FB.

"Putin's propaganda works not only on the territory of Russia. We can see it in car rallies with tricolors in Germany, in actions in support of the Zonderkommando in Armenia and other countries, Nayem writes. - Unfortunately, this can be seen even in the attitudes of Americans: because of Putin's propaganda in the Western media, Americans are more than willing to support Ukraine in humanitarian issues, but they categorically refuse serious assistance to the army.

Ukraine faces this problem both at the state and at the level of private, large and small charitable foundations. Biden is in no hurry to send us airplanes, and ordinary Americans are in no hurry to donate even non-lethal items like bulletproof vests or communications. The reason is the presence of Putin's narratives in the American media. Russian because of American journalists have managed to absolutely demonize Azov, label the defenders of Mariupol as "Nazis," and provide toxic aid to the AFU in general for fear that the aid will go to the same "Nazis.

According to him, some American journalists continue to prefer to follow Putin's fairway.

"They still refuse to notice that the real Nazis are not in Mariupol, but a week ago they were in Bucha," Nayem wrote and gave examples of the complete harmony between Russian propaganda and materials in the American media.

To discourage such "journalists" from the U.S., Nayem advises to openly condemn their activities and help understand who is the real Nazi here.

"Tweet to fellow journalists @Rita_Katz, @TimListerCNN, @tarajohn real information about "Azov" (links to BBC), about the crimes of the Russian army, about real Nazis in the ranks of Russians. You can, for example, with a link to the russian Meduza.

Nayem recalled the successful experience of Ukrainians fighting elements of Russian information campaigns (ZIF wrote about a rally of rashists in German Berlin). The organizer of this coven - the owner of the car service Igar "repented and understood everything". The video of the TV channel "Kyiv" about this "fighter against discrimination of Russian speakers" illustrates well how Russian agitators can be punished.

Information attacks by russia were mentioned in a FB post by social activist Agia Zagrebelska. According to her, botfarms with anti-Bayden and other narratives have begun to activate.

"The standard package about how the U.S. is afraid of Putin, which is why it does not send American soldiers to defend Ukrainian soil," Zagrebelska writes.


A separate base for Moscow's information war has been opened in China. The Kremlin's opposition telegram channel, We Can Explain, writes about it.

"Chinese media with an audience of billions is a powerful weapon for the Kremlin abroad. Russian propaganda spewed for a month before it was blocked in Europe and restricted worldwide. But over the past few weeks, China has acted as a disinformation agency... The Chinese media portray Ukraine and NATO as aggressors and support the russian idea of neo- nazis allegedly controlling the Ukrainian government," according to a story citing Washington Post experts.

For example, the Chinese state media has a billion readers on Facebook. And after the russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, they are foisting the kremlin lies on the world about alleged American biological weapons laboratories in Ukraine, Ukrainian neo-nazis bombing a children's hospital in Mariupol, Zelensky, who is a puppet in the hands of American billionaire George Soros.

The Chinese media also provide their platforms for russian officials and TV anchors who have been shut off from Western audiences. And all kinds of Influencers and intermediaries distribute this "Chinese product" to the West. In this way, the kremlin circumvents the Western anti-propaganda barriers.


Sergiy Tomilenko, head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, also spoke about Russian propaganda and its influence on Ukrainians. He disseminated a message to that effect on Monday, April 11, on his FB page.

According to him, russia has chosen the tactics of information terrorism in the media sphere. Despite this, such "Kafir policy will not have a noticeable impact on Ukrainians."

"Calls to "Ukrainianize" russian propaganda, which began to sound from odious russian media figures, testify to their awareness of the fact that Ukrainians are completely unaware of russian disinformation," Tomilenko argues in his opinion.

On the air of the information marathon "Unified News" Sergiy Tomilenko explained:

"All 47 days of solid russian lies are russian tactics. Obviously, for all Ukrainians, the most disgusting and cynical lie is the attempt to frame all the crimes in Bucha, in Irpen near Kyiv, that they were allegedly instigated and staged by Ukraine. In fact, this is the worst disinformation that russia is trying to present, of course, to the domestic consumer... The tactics that russia is now choosing in the information sphere are the tactics of information terrorism. It is no longer just disinformation and a certain distribution of some "untested" information - it is an attempt to consciously use information technology to manipulate the audience, to further increase the number of victims through this information terrorism and prevent the hostility that we now see, and to get even more support for the actions of the russian army in Ukraine. So all these days are the days of russia's chronic lies and the days of heroic opposition to it by Ukraine and the entire civilized world... The level of resilience of Ukrainians, of media criticism - it is also quite high. So I think the russians won't have time to rock or ground - and that will be further proof of the primitive russian propaganda.

Despite some optimism, the head of the media union called for "daily vigilance and reaction.

In Ukraine, unfortunately, the government realized too late the importance of the media and the policy of informational education of the nation. The oligarchy had (and still has) its own media resources, which it used solely for its own political and economic interests. Public broadcasting could not be created for a long time, and what was created could hardly be called a quality product, given the low percentage of consumers. Now the TV channels have united for a round-the-clock information marathon called Unified News. And even then not all oligarchs. Hence the new wave of disputes, clarification of the reasons, and the search for the culprits in the media space. The authorities are forced to divert, to draw on their information resources to confront seemingly patriotically-minded citizens. Whether the enemy will take advantage of this is more of a rhetorical question. He will definitely try.

In 2006 I spent three weeks in Sevastopol, Crimea. Sixteen years ago you could catch Ukrainian TV channels there on an analog antenna UT-1 and UT-2 (cable or digital was not even a question then). They were not watched due to poor signal quality, unlike Russian TV channels. The same can be said about the coverage of private FM radio stations - really pro-Ukrainian stations had (and still have) short opportunities.

Now remember how the Russians destroyed the TV tower on Mount Karachun in 2014 (Ukraine rebuilt it two years later and equipped it with Polish (!) signal retransmitters). As well as the shelling of TV towers in Rivne and Kyiv as early as 2022...

Conclusions, as they say, should have been drawn "for yesterday". We are fighting a very dangerous enemy. And to counter it with unity, coherence, ingenuity, clear mind and truth!

REFERENCE from Wikipedia

Information warfare is the presentation of information in a way that forms in a society or group of people the necessary point of view, public opinion, the course of complementary logical opinions, an exhaustive system of views on certain issues in favor of the organizer of information propaganda. As a result, the necessary facts or events are perceived in the light required by the manipulator, and the necessary world-view or stance on the issues, which had been contradicted or misunderstood before, is formed. In the absence of contradictions and an existing well-established system of views, the task of information warfare is to create doubts, to introduce contradictions and conjectures into existing beliefs.

Information warfare may include:

  • gathering tactical information,
  • securing one's own information resources,
  • disseminating propaganda or disinformation to demoralize the enemy's troops and population,
  • undermining the quality of the enemy's information and preventing the enemy from gathering information.

Often IW is conducted in conjunction with cyber and psychological warfare in order to reach wider targets, involving electronic warfare and network technology.

The main means of conducting IW is information weapons, conducted through information operations.

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