Lilliputin in search of allies, or why russias foreign ministry came down on Israel

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Minister of foreign affairs of russian federation lavrov compared President of Ukraine Zelenskyy with Hitler in an interview with Italian media, and then declared about the "Jewish blood" of the last. Israel’s Foreign Ministry demanded lavrov’s apology to the people of his country, but the russian foreign ministry has accused Israel of “supporting neo-Nazis” in Ukraine. What was that? Is putin’s foreign ministry so unprofessional that has created a problem for itself by its own will. We will consider an alternative version.


On February 24, 2018, while speaking at the meeting of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu said: "I have a clear message to the Iranian regime, that wanted to destroy Israel. Israel will continue to act as long as necessary to stop the growth of Iranian military presence in Syria." Israeli Prime Minister stressed that he intended to make the Iranian topic the main one at the meeting with the president of russia on February 27.

On May 9, 2018, on “victory day”, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took part in the “Immortal Regiment” procession in Moscow together with russian dictator putin and Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic. In Netanyahu’s hands was a portrait of the veteran of World War II, the hero of the ussr, Volfas Vilenskis.

In 2018-2021, relations between russia and Israel were warm and friendly, the parties coordinated their actions on the territory of the warring Syria, and russia restrained aggressive plans and attempts by Iran to take full control of the Shiite areas of Syria and Iraq and withdraw troops to the borders of the Jewish state at the distance of artillery or rocket fire. Russia closed its eyes to the constant destruction of weapons storage facilities by Israeli aircraft, transport supplies of weapons to the opponents of the Jewish state on the territory of the "Syrian Republic" allied to russia.


The situation in the world after Ramstein has changed dramatically. 40 countries plus 3 observers, including Israel, have in fact created a new global security architecture for a democratic world against lilliputian russia. And who said that it will not be able to act against other dictatorial regimes, such as the DPRK, Iran or even China.

The world's villains have tensed. This new situation, created by the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, can be a good example for South Korea and Taiwan, and consolidated global support of liberal democracies gives small countries a chance for their position and choice.

Leaders of the Muslim world have dealt with russian diplomacy and, as always, have often been deceived.  And Iran demanded proof of loyalty. Like, cut off contacts with Israel, and we will believe you. After all, you cooperate so fruitfully with Jews. And lavrov has started his game.

Russia's turn to radical Islamism, the search for "cannon fodder" in the Muslim world, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, is the answer to "lavrov's one-actor theater" that was agreed with Lilliputin without a doubt. Introducing narratives of Muslim struggle with the United States and NATO in Ukraine, calling on the Taliban, IRGC and Hezbollah to give their battalions and to shed their blood for the sick imperial dreams of russia's elite are the main goals of this message-challenge to Israel.


Russia's position before the war allowed to maneuver, to be an arbitrator in Syria between Iran and Israel, between Assad and the Kurds, between Turkey and Assad. The hostile actions and expressions of the putin foreign ministry against Israel will raise a wave of indignation among the powerful European lobby in the world, in particular in the USA. And the participation of any significant number of Islamic militants in Ukraine will only escalate the situation and require from Ukraine and the world the corresponding reaction. After all, if you are with world-renowned terrorists and nazis, then who are you? The policy of constantly raising the stakes in war, constant blackmail with nuclear weapons, the so-called patrush strategy "escalation for de-escalation" will end with the destruction of a state like russian federation, the world's first forceful withdrawal of nuclear weapons from the single state and a good vaccine for the future of the planet in terms of the development of countries such as the DPRK, Iran or even China.

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