Why Initiation of No Fly Zone is Strong Need For Ukrainian People and For All Europe

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The war of Putin's Russia against Ukrainian People and Ukraine as an independent State isn't a secondary postcolonial conflict for resources and influence. It's real national liberation struggle of all citizens of Ukraine for their democratic development in the family of Europeans people, the struggle for the people rights, freedom and the future of their children. The main stake of this struggle is the very existence of Ukrainian People, and it's State.

The Ukrainian society and Armed Forces of Ukraine resist in full swing to numerous intruder forces of Kremlin, its Battalion Task Forces of elite combat divisions, detachments of renegate Kadyrov's chechens, different Spetsnaz groups and even to russian interior police Rosgvardia during this fight against russian occupants.

So, the well awaited Putin's 'Blitzkrieg' war was delayed firstly, then it was stopped by actions of Ukrainian Defenders and finally, went into real gap. The russian aggression forces got at the trap of Ukrainian defence and heroic efforts of ukrainian military servicemen, voluntary fighters of Territorial Defence Forces and civilian Patriots, who are acting honourly even at the conditions of enemy's blocade.

From the very beginning of so called 'special military operation', the russian agressors have huge losses which numbers in more than 12 thousand eternally 'silenced and non-agressive' occupants, many hundreds of strike force armed combat vehicles and main combat tanks, mobile air defence complexes and military trucks, etc. All this russian military potential was eliminated, up to the final condition of burned metallic scrap.

But the enemy has very substantional superiority. It's the Air Force superiority as very important factor of modern warfare. As known, the russian criminal agression against Ukraine started suddenly from the air attacks at early hours on the 24-th of February by means of cruise missiles and combat aviation. The main targets for the enemy on Ukraine sovereign territory were Ukrainian Air Defence (AD) objects: combat aviation, airfields and airports, AD complexes, as well as AD Control Centers. During this russian attack, the Ukrainian AD members were fighting with very high mode of heroism and professionalism. To this date, almost 50 enemy combat fixed wing aircraft and more than 60 russian combat helicopters, substantial part of 600 russian cruise missiles and Iskander type ballistic missiles were destroyed.

After twelve days of the war, after delaying and stopping of intrusion and heavy losses of occupants, the russian generals understood finally, that great combat Spirit of Ukrainian people was still on the place. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are ready both to effective defence in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernigiv, Mykolaiv and to liberating counterattacks in Chuhuiv as well as other territories.

The result of a Russian missile strike in Kharkiv. / Photo credit: SERGEY BOBOK via getty images

After these sad occupants' conclusions the criminal dictator of Russia Putin and his generals decided to make main accent on the use of air attack means for the total destroying of peaceful Ukrainian cities just similar to their own dirty chechenian and syrian criminal war experience. The main direction of the russian air efforts is total terrorism and mass killings of civilian ukrainians, children and old men by the means of mass air attacks. These air attacks include the use of Kalibr cruise missiles from air and sea mobile platforms, which start from the regions of the Caspian and Black seas. Also, the ballistic Iskander missiles are used actively from the territory of Russia and Belarus. Moreover, enemy started to relocate its tactic ground based Tochka-U missiles on the fire positions nearby the main Ukrainian cities Kyiv and Kharkiv. Some information as to the usage of X-101 long range cruise missiles from the platforms of Tu-160 and Tu-95MC strategic bombers are present.

Russian aggressors also use actively its combat aviation in Ukraine against civilian objects: hospitals, schools, houses and blocks of flats, etc. Among these combat aviation are soviet construction Su-25 close support attack aircraft, Su-34 modern fighter-bombers, Tu-22 bombers as well as different type combat helicopters.

The result of these air attacks are many killings of Ukrainians, many deaths of innocent peaceful civilians, children and even families, massive million's flow of desperate refuges and displaced people, who lost all property at home and have indefinite future. The civilian infrastructure and logistical chains of many Ukrainian cities and villages are totally destroyed from the air mainly. Especially heavy these losses are in cities Kharkiv, Irpen, Mariupol and Volnovakha. So, the normal life is impossible there mostly.

But more dangerous, detestable signs present now. Russian crime dictator Putin has announced further air bombing of Ukrainian cities, their industry objects as the next aggressive 'step' openly and with insolence.

It should be noted, that international community try to react on acts of aggression and air terrorism of crazy Kremlin owner and his 'orks' soldiers. There were a lot of peace appeals on address of Putin to stop russian war crimes in Ukraine, some political and economic sanctions were enforced too. During the meeting of General Assembly of the UN resolution on immediate stopping the russian aggression against Ukraine was passed. Also, the humanitarian UN agencies have started their work with ukrainian refugees. Additionally, Pope Francis made appeals to the Kremlin to stop killings in Ukraine.

But, frankly speaking, all these international peace efforts are still ineffective and not have even a little sign for optimism and the real trust. Among the wave of peace appeals of West politicians which focused on the 'help to Ukraine', the main instrument of blocking of russian aggression is absent at all. This main instrumental is restriction and blocking of usage of russian air attack forces as the dominant weaponry of aggression. The military professionals understand clearly, that current russian military superiority in Ukraine based on the air attacks mainly and initiation of No Fly Zone is strong need to stop mass killings of Ukrainians from the sky. The best example of such No Fly Zone in Bosnia war is well known. The Bosnian No Fly Zone was the essential factor of this fierce war stopping. The NATO Forces have organized an effective complex control, surveillance, patrolling and counteracting to possible local Serbian air attacks.

These days,NATO, the US an the UK politician, officials and military decision makers in 'one voice' mode are claiming that No Fly Zone in Ukraine will 'provocate possible open armed conflict Russia and NATO'.NATO won't to conflict with Russia, which 'has nuclear weaponry'. If this argument be accepted, the main basements of acting International Law Principles will dead finally and UN as well as NATO organizations have not sense to exist at all more. This conclusion is true because in such a case the Force of Civilized Law will be changed for the Law of Force and the Force of Evident Crime.

In the case of Ukraine, NATO countries, but not Russia, were given official legal offer and appeal of the President and the Parliament of Ukraine to initiate No Fly Zone over Ukraine to defend Ukrainian civilians. If NATO is so depressed and scared by Purtin's blackmail now there is not for sure that NATO accept firm decision for the common defence actions to defend Baltic States as the next possible object of Putin's aggression.

Moreover, NATO has many size bigger and powerful usual and nuclear military potential than Putin's Russia. And vice versa, NATO reluctance and irresolute mode of actions really provocate Putin's regime on further war crimes in Ukraine on the level of Holodomor and Holocaust as well as supports readiness of Kremlin to 'test NATO' on their own territory with the use of nuclear blackmail.

Ukrainian firefighters are putting out the fire of the captured nuclear plant in Zaporizhzha caused by the Russian troops. / Photo credit: Fox News

Additionally, occupied by russians Nuclear Power Stations in Ukraine that were damaged during heavy fights, have their own very dangerous continental or even global devastation potential.

It should be note, that wide public opinion of the West countries' society demands clear from their governments to take resolute rigid actions to stop russian air crimes in Ukraine. The huge demonstrations and public appeals in Washington, Warsaw and other Western capitals are good evidence of that. Europeans understand that destruction of Ukraine and mass killings of Ukrainian peoples from the air by Russia leads definitely to the losses of democratic rule and freedom, as well as to the big devastating war in Europe everywhere.

Nowadays, some reasonable reactions are presented in the West. For example, former US special envoy to Ukraine, former US ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker propose to organize No Fly Zone as first step over capital of Ukraine Kyiv and West Ukraine territory. So, it's really possible to organize No Fly Zone by means of NATO or coalition of the willing states on the step by step principle. First, No Fly Zone should be initiated over millions residents cities and West Ukraine territory, which full of refuges, internally displaced persons as well as international organizations structures and foreign embassies. The No Fly Zone need to be activated over dangerous industrial and power objects. As other real effective step, the shipment of modern AD weaponry for Ukraine, such as fighter jets and AD missiles and complexes, should be organized to stop air attacks of Russia as soon as possible.

Possibility of No Fly Zone of NATO over Ukraine annoys and frightens Kremlin. Russians start their threats on address of West countries possible contributors of No Fly Zone and activate intelligence operations. For example, substantional activity of agents of influence is registered even in the USA. Retired american colonel Douglas Macgregor have a big impudence to advise to President of Ukraine just to 'surrender' to crime Putin's regime, 'fulfil' russian 'propositions' to 'disarm' and accept 'independence' of so called 'people republics' and occupied Crimea. Moreover, this retired colonel and strong supporter of mister Trump as well as Russia, provide dissemination on Fox Business channel the fake Russian made so called 'information' as to the 'behavior' of Armed Force of Ukraine. Macgregor try to support the air crimes of Russia by false stating that ukrainian soldiers 'hide amongst civilians' as 'Middle East islamists'. So, Putin 'should attack' the Ukrainian cities from the air. For the note of this retired old military pro-russian pensioner - Ukrainian soldiers, together with voluntary fighters of Territorial Defence Forces and just civilian Patriots fight bravely against russian occupants and win everywhere, at fields, forests and defending cities.

Douglas Macgregor speaking out on one of the Russian propagandist channels. / Photo credit: Euromaidan Press

The real military specialists in the USA know that Ukrainian Soldier has Honesty and Fighting Spirit to defend Motherland - Ukraine despite death danger. As to Macgregor's shame behavior, it should be explained by his very specific Middle East experience and big ambitions, which possible are heated by russian 'friends'. During his service at the Middle East and war in Iraq, he had chance to speak with slave soldiers of Saddam Hussein only. It's clear, that outdated military pensioner and businessman Macgregor is out of understanding as to the Ukraine situation at all, especially as to the struggle Ukrainian people for their freedom and future life against crime Putin's regime.

Thus, the initiation and activation of No Fly Zone over Ukraine and providing AD weaponry shipment to Ukraine are ultimate requirements for the effective stopping of Putin's crime of civilian air killings in Ukraine. Moreover, this No Fly Zone over Ukraine is in full interest of NATO countries security because strange blind NATO inactivity in the Center of Europe definitely leads to chaos and war crimes in Europe everywhere.

And finally, in a such similar situation many years ago the great British politician Winston Churchill noted that one who chooses shameful peace instead of resistance, recieves shame and war together.

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