Transformation of the dictator: putin - putler - Hitler

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Western politicians, scholars, experts and analysts are increasingly comparing the russian dictator putin to Adolf Hitler. Such parallels, transmitted through the mass media, help to cleanse the mass consciousness of Western civilization faster from the positive-neutral images about putin and his people formed over a decade by russian propaganda.

On Thursday, April 14, Minister of Defense of the Slovak  Republic Jaroslav Nad admitted that he had no idea that his country would supply arms to Ukraine.

"But this is the new world reality," the NYT quoted Mr. Nad as saying. - We are a frontline state. We have a war on the border, we have over 330,000 Ukrainians coming into our country. The paradigm is very different now."

According to him, the paths are "equal to Hitler," so he must be stopped in Ukraine so that he cannot move on to the West. "Ukraine is literally fighting for our future," Nad said.

The Slovak Defense Minister is not the first to compare the path to Hitler. Before that, as ZIF wrote, Polish Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki made a similar parallel between these dictators when he criticized French President Emmanuel Macron a few days before the first round of the French presidential election.

"Mr. President Macron, how many times have you talked to putin, and what have you achieved? We don't debate, we don't negotiate with criminals, because criminals have to be dealt with... No one negotiated with Hitler. Would you negotiate with Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot?", Mr. Morawiecki asked rhetorically.

In Italy, the media are also analyzing putin's psychotype. In particular, the Italian division of the Huffingtonpost translated the thoughts of russian sociologist and political activist Vladislav Inozemtsev. Inozemtsev, a doctor of economics, is the author of more than 300 works published in France, Great Britain, and the United States, among other places.

The preface to the article states that after putin's first cadence, the West associated him with a "sovereign," a despot, and a general by temperament and authoritarian style. However, after February 24 this year, the range of possible associations gradually narrowed - from the original Ivan III, Ivan IV, and various tsars and autocrats quickly came to three: Mussolini, Hitler, or Stalin.

In an interview with Ukraine's Obozrevatel, Vladislav Inozemtsev, a consistent critic of the Kremlin dictator, singled out two reasons for putin's attack on Ukraine: incorrect data from russian intelligence services and the dictator's sick imagination.

"You see, this is some kind of manic phenomenon that has nothing to do with the West or Washington: he hates Ukraine as a subject. He believes that "subhumans" live in your country, that there is not and cannot be any Ukrainian nation, that Ukraine became a sovereign state by a strange misunderstanding, that it is some random piece that fell away from russia, which he should take back. The Ukrainian issue is a fix idea for him," the russian analyst said.

A large analytical article was also published by CNN. Military historians drew parallels and concluded that the tracks adhere to the "ill-fated Hitler textbook" in at least three components.

Putin's tank columns (Hitler also relied on armored vehicles) were burned by the Ukrainian army and partly, oddly enough, by russian sloppiness. The blockade and crushing shelling of Mariupol have been compared to Leningrad and Stalingrad. And the brutal treatment of the population by the Nazis turned against Hitler. Putin got something similar in Ukraine.

"Hitler had many potential allies in the Soviet Union," the article says. - Many Soviet people despised and feared Stalin, who regularly murdered political opponents, executed military commanders, and persecuted Soviet citizens. He killed about four million Ukrainians by starving them to death during one infamous period known as the Holodomor (the Holocaust). This is why some Soviet people first welcomed Hitler as a liberator, and some German troops were given Christmas presents."

In putin's rhetoric, some historians identify the same theses as in Hitler's autobiography and political manifesto Mein Kampf. The latter's book is full of distorted history about Germany's lost greatness, global conspiracies undermining German power, and justifying the conquest of another group of people.

"One of the strongest reactions to putin's rhetoric has been his statement that the russian army wants to "denacify" Ukraine and protect people who "have been brutalized by the genocide of the Kiev regime," CNN wrote.

Timothy Snyder, a leading expert on the history of Central Europe and the Holocaust, calls his words "grotesque. After all, putin wants to justify invading a democratic country led by "a Jewish president who lost relatives in the Holocaust.

Mr. Snyder interprets Mr. putin's justification as a type of Hitler's great lie, a Nazi propaganda technique whose essence is to repeat a lie so colossal that people will believe it.

With their lies about Nazis in power in Ukraine seeking genocide, the ways ridicule Holocaust survivors, says Timothy Snyder, author of On Tyranny. But this approach only encourages some Ukrainians to defend their homeland more forcefully.

One of the world's oldest newspapers, the Austrian Wiener Zeitung, has published an interview with the psychoanalyst Christa Rohde-Dahser, born in 1937 and a survivor of World War II. Mrs. Christa says that "inwardly the way is like Hitler, who eventually committed suicide. She recalled 1943, when Hitler, because of his chief propagandist Goebbels, shouted to the Germans, "Do you want total war?" And the people responded, "Yes, we want total war!".

In today's russia, the propaganda mechanism and totalitarianism aimed at destroying dissenters has led to a similar thing - more than 80 percent of russians, according to polls by sociologists from the Levada Center, support putler's actions.

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