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It is obvious that Russian terrorist troops in Ukraine are dying out qualitatively and quickly. What helped Ukraine in the global scale war for Independence against the Evil Empire - the Soviet Union Vol. 2.0?

Ukrainian and Western analysts are convinced that the failure of the "Ukrainian blitzkrieg" of the Kremlin bloody dwarf and his hangers-on was a result of illusions, secrecy and total corruption.

Let's try to make it real simple for a layman in dying Russia what happened.


When Putin and his clan planned to take over Ukraine, they could not do without the help of military analysts and experts. The only question is what kind of information was analyzed by Russian experts. Total secrecy in setting tasks for analysis, the principle "so that no one guesses" played a bad joke on the Kremlin terrorists.

As a result, the fragmentation of tasks for Russian military analysts leveled the results of their work and deprived the Kremlin of the opportunity to correctly assess the situation.


This is reminiscent of "pranks" with fitting the solution of a math problem to the answer at the end of the textbook. Putin's request is understandable - the defeat and dismemberment of Ukraine. Now, with confidence, it can also be argued that at the stage of combining individual proposals into one large analytical document, taking into account the illusions and wishes of the Kremlin, it was decided to ignore some of the nuances as is customary in Russia, according to the principle "the war will write everything off". And it wrote off thousands of Russian soldiers and hundreds of pieces of equipment for scrap.

We are convinced that even if some of the analysts managed to realistically imagine the potential risks from a thoughtless terrorist invasion of Ukraine, these risks were retouched in the final version of the plan of attack on Ukraine.

What are the myths about "invincible Kadyrovites", "fearless Tamanians" and "iron Kantemirovites" worth?

Not a trace of all these illusions remained in the first week of the war.

Hundreds of their bodies generously fertilize the Ukrainian fields, and the equipment that these "fearless Russian warriors" abandoned in a panic is arming units of the Ukrainian troops and Territorial defense at an accelerated pace.

The inability to understand Ukrainians, to soberly assess their potential, to assume the stability of Ukrainian society, no doubt, turned into a "death march" for Russia.


Few people even in Russia will be able to say, without cunning, that the billions of petrodollars that the Kremlin pumped not into the economy, but into its army, turned out to be not billions, but millions.

Total corruption in the Russian power space has made a huge contribution to the defeat of Russia, even at the stage of planning terrorist attacks on Ukrainian civilian cities.

"One hand washes the other" - the principle of the Russian security forces, because there is another - "Women still give birth."

The universal formula "Everything is stolen before us" will become relevant from day to day.

When warehouses with ammunition suddenly begin to explode all over Russia, fuel and military equipment  warehouses will suddenly begin to burn, russians, of course, will be talking about the "Bandera attacks."

But any sane organism, of which there are still quite a few in Russia, can easily draw parallels with the "warehouse robbery" in the soviet film "Operation Y".

There is already a lot of information on the Internet about how valiantly "mastered" billions of dollars Putin's sycophants like Shoigu, Mishustin, Surkov, Kozak and Naryshkin to "undermine Ukraine from within". All of them will not let Russia's defeat in the war with Ukraine become an orphan.

Nevertheless, they perfectly saw how Putin's vaunted chief intelligence officer, Naryshkin, bleated that he was "ready - not ready - I agree - as you say - I will support," during a meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. He understood for sure that "not a damn thing is ready," but he just couldn't figure out how to tell the crazy "emperor of the USSR 2.0" about it.


Confidence that the "blitzkrieg" has no alternative and faith in the weakness of the Western world, which in 2014, unfortunately, could not adequately hit Putin in the teeth, also helped Russian soldiers to cover Ukrainian lands with thousands of corpses.

The expectation that Ukraine can be demoralized by kilometer-long columns of vehicles on the roads has gone out the window.

Literally, Russian commanders, under the blows of "Bayraktars" and shots of the latest anti-tank missiles of Ukrainian and Western production, could not understand "how does it happen, everything ends so quickly"!

And note that all this "turns out" when winter still rules on the territory of Ukraine, mercilessly freezing thousands of Russian terrorists in the fields. That is, at the moment when there is no grass and on the snow you can somehow notice the launch of a rocket or the movement of the Ukrainian ATGM crew.

Just imagine how fast Russian soldiers will die and their equipment will burn when the Ukrainian land turns green with grass and trees.

And it seems that the Russians were definitely not prepared for this. After all, it’s one thing when you see a snowy plain in a tank and can detect movement, but it’s quite another when fields and forests are covered with dense vegetation, from which Ukrainian troops can send a fiery greeting to a Russian terrorist at any moment.

Knowing how lushly green the Chernobyl zone is in the spring-autumn period, Ukrainian special forces and special volunteers forces from Western countries will be able to approach and destroy Russian soldiers virtually point-blank.


The idiotic self-confidence in the self-sufficient nature of the Russian economy and its readiness to resist the whole world is just a godsend for the world. Especially for the USA and the EU. And for China, believe me, too.

Putin has given crazy trumps for the West with his senseless, bloody terrorism in Ukraine.

Now, the American or European authorities do not need to convince the population and business that Russia is evil in its purest form.

Therefore, economic sanctions fell on Russia as if from a cornucopia, grinding into dust the proud Kremlin bravado about the fact that everything is getting stronger in Russia from the sanctions. Although we must agree, something from the sanctions in Russia is getting stronger - this is the insanity of the authorities and the public's confidence that "the tsar is not real."

The only leadership available to Russia today is the one in terms of the volume of sanctions against it, in which it easily outperformed Iran and North Korea.

As the heroine of the famous film sang, "think for yourself, decide for yourself - to have or not to have."

Having received a good crack in the mouth from the Ukrainian defenders, Russia also received powerful economic sanctions.

And this is not the end, and not even the beginning of the end, this is the end of the beginning (Winston Churchill after the Battle of England).

Ihor Kobryn, Yevhen Mahda, Western Informational Front 

illustration photo: WIF collage


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