The Kremlin hinted at the possible occupation of Poland and Finland

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Russian presidential aide, head of the russian delegation in negotiations with Ukraine Vladimir Medinsky announced the future expansion of russian federation to the borders of the russian empire.

Medinsky hinted at this during his lecture at the forum "History of the Future. The image of Peter ", the Glavkom reports.

Announcing the publication of a book series devoted to those rulers of the russian empire, which increased this country's territory, the official reminded that until recently the territory of russia made up 1/6 part of the land (which included, during the times of empire, in addition to the current members of the CIS and Baltic countries, and Finland with most of Poland).

"Now a little less. But it is not for forever," Medinsky said.

The participants in the hall responded to the statement of vladimir’s putin aide about further expansion of the territory of the aggressor country with applauses.

Reminded, in January, the deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation from the Putin party "united russia" Sultan Khamzaev spoke for holding a referendum on "the reunification of Kazakhstan with the historical motherland - russia".

In March, Ukraine's ambassador to Poland Andriy Deshchytsia said, commenting on the adoption of a defense law that strengthens the Polish Armed Forces, that Warsaw feared a possible Russian attack and began preparations to repel such a blow.

And recently a bill was introduced in the Russian State Duma, which proposed to cancel the recognition of Lithuania's independence.

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